Apostolopoulos Nikos, Lecturer


Nick Apostolopoulos was born in 1955. He received a Degree in Biology from the University of Athens and attended the Diploma in Medical Photography course at Sandwell College with a scholarship from Alexander Onassis Foundation. A professional Press Photographer since 1982, he has also practised Medical and Scientific Photography since 1989. He teaches “Press Photography I & II”, “Photography, Theory & Practise I,II, III & IV” at the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of the Technological Education Institution (T.E.I.) of Athens.

He has authored the books "MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY" (ION editions, 2004), and "Cyclades Dodecanese" (Bilingual Greek-English, Perif.N.Aigaiou, 2008). He has edited several editions of books ( "Akrites I-Kastelorizo"-New Media Art 2005, "The little paradise in the Aegean Sea", SouthEast Aegean Prefecture, 2007, "Simi», New Media Art 2008), forms, posters etc. He has curated and participated in several photo exhibitions all over Greece and he was the first Greek Press Photographer that was invited and exhibited in Turkey(1989). He received the FUJI AWARD for his sports pictures in 1996. Founding member and former Vice-President and General Secretary of the board of the Union of Press Photographers of Greece. Former member of the Board of Directors of Thessalonica Photography Museum.
Founding member and President of the Greek Pyramid, a non-profit society working on the protection of photographers’ intellectual property rights, member of “Le Groupe de la Pyramide Europe”.
Founding member and former General Director of the Photographers’ Collecting Society “Foebus”. Founder and director of the Non-Profit Society "NEA MEDIA ART". Founder of the "Zeuxis Art Group" a collective of more than 300 graduates and students of the Photography Dept.


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